Wilmad-LabGlass combines 120 years of experience in its diverse fields and continues to offer the highest quality items for NMR and EPR (ESR), Precision Glass, Quartz and other materials and Laboratory Glassware and Equipment.  


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  • NMR and EPR consumables and accessories for Liquid-Phase, Solid-State and Gas-Phase NMR studies and L, S, X, Q and W Band EPR.
  • Technical support and product development staff includes a PhD and testing facilities utilizing Bruker® and Agilent® (formerly Varian) spectrometers. 
  • Precision engineered custom, specialty and OEM glass and quartz fabrication plus subassemblies and components for analytical test equipment, pharmaceutical research, medical machines, aerospace systems, flow meters, lasers, optical sensors and more. 
  • Custom and standard laboratory glassware and equipment for biopharma, chemical, petrochemical, environmental and testing, production and more. 
  • Repair service for many types of laboratory glassware.  
  • Full service Corning® Life Sciences distributor including disposables; and the only place to order your replacement Pyrex® Proculture® Spinner Flask components from equipment to paddle assemblies. 
  • Strategic alliances with top equipment companies allow us to complement our glassware offerings with units from benchtop to floor.

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