Viva Wide Pore HPLC Columns - 3μm or 5μm particles
  • Excellent for separating peptides or proteins.
  • Rugged, spherical particles, with 300Å pore size.
  • High proportion of pore/surface area available to large molecules.


Viva columns are based on a wide pore material we designed for optimal large molecule separations. In developing Viva silica, we found that although many commercial widepore silicas meet the standard 300Å mean pore size, most have very broad distributions about this mean, with a significant portion of their pore volume falling below 150Å. This means a large portion of the surface area is unavailable to larger molecules. Viva columns have a narrow distribution about the mean pore size, permitting a larger portion of the silica surface to play a role in the separation.

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